Floral Series

The past few months have found me busy on a different printmaking path.

Monotypes are so versatile … They are often lovely standing alone but also create a great base upon which to build. I enjoy painting atop the monoprint with liquid pigment ink to add color, watercolor, water soluble pencil. Pan pastels give me the most saturated pops of color.

I’m putting five new works on paper into my portfolio. They are all the same size… 11″ x 14″ paper with the imprinted, inked area measuring 9″ x 12″.


bright floral monoprint abstract expression by KarenMoody.com


abstract expression of flowers in a window box Meea by karen moody


Monoprint abstract expression of flowers and leaves in primary and secondary colors Pond by Karen Moody


Monotype window box of flowers with a view of the blue sea beyond by Karen Moody



brightly colored flowers painted with blue sea behind



floral monotype on paper by karen moody